Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Choice and January Goal

Hi everyone!  I'm excited about this SAL, because I REALLY want to finish this piece!  It's by Stoney Creek and called "O Holy Night Nativity".  I started it in 2012, I think, and got this far...

Here's my plan.  I want to work on it for a half hour each day in the daylight.  It is stitched on Lugana and I really don't enjoy stitching on evenweaves as much as the next guy, so I think working on it in the morning will be helpful, rather than at night when the light isn't as good.  The pattern is spread over six pages and I started in the middle to the left of center.  For January I"ll be working on page three -- the page Mary's head and the arch are on. 



  1. Why don't you like stitching evenweaves?

  2. Good luck Tricia - hopefully all finished for next Christmas!

  3. Tricia, that's so pretty. Stoney can be a challenge with all the partial stitches and all those pattern pages, but I'm sure you'll come through it with your sanity intact. :)

  4. Tricia, I am amazed at how similar our tastes are. I have stitched this one before. I just love it!! I'll be watching your progress, and cheering wholeheartedly!!