Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Further progress on Alpine Seasons Garden

I'm slowly making my way around the mountain forest border.
Alpine Seasons Garden - Chatelaine
stitched on 32ct Belfast Summer Khaki with recommended threads
 There is some metallic thread in this corner section and I love the way it catches the light.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A little bit of progress

Ok, don't laugh.  I finally made myself sit down and work on my GID piece -- somehow I always find other things to do.  I'm sure you aren't experts in the avoidance of xs projects!

Here we have it -- the completion of the word "Massachusetts" on my flag from ByGone Stitching:

I mean look at the amazing progress -- near the end of March I had only made it to "Massachus" --- You know the last four are the hardest.... not to mention the little bubble at the end of the row and the last 3 inches of the border!

Happy stitching to you all!   May you be more productive than I am!!!!!!


Friday, April 17, 2015

A finish!

I started this piece on January 1 and finished it last week.  A New Day, by My Big Toe Designs.
It was a fun stitch!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm back with Alpine Seasons Garden

It's hard to believe that I haven't stitched on this since the end of January. However, it is only now that I feel able to concentrate on it again. I'm expecting slow progress on this next section of Alpine Seasons Garden. It is solid cross stitch with a lot of thread changes. I only managed to stitch most of the bottom right hand corner over the weekend.

Alpine Seasons Garden - Chatelaine
stitched on 32ct Belfast Summer Khaki with recommended threads

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Congratulations Lynda!

Hi Everybody!  I'm so happy for all of you who have made progress on your pieces!!  I'm sorry I can't send all of you a prize, but I do want to congratulation Lynda on winning the incentive this month!  If you can e-mail me at getitdonesal at gmail dot com with your address and the name of the chart you would like (less than $15.00 please) I will get it in the mail to you in a couple of weeks.  (The next few weeks it will be crazy central I hope you'll give me a little latitude). 

Happy Stitching!!

April Update

Well, I'm almost embarrassed to share with you how much I got done (or didn't get done, as the case may be) of my March project, "Happy Hearts" by Victoria Sampler. This is where the project was at the beginning of the month. I was working on the third panel at the bottom:

And this is how far along I got by the end of the month. Unfortunately, didn't make as much progress as I was hoping as life got in the way and I had to spend several days preparing our taxes instead of stitching. But I really like how nice it is looking.

But now it is a new month, so I need to pull out my next WIP. For the month of April, I'll be working on……drum roll………a project called "The Color of Nature" which is NOT a Victoria Sampler design. See, I do work on other designs than Victoria Sampler. LOL  This is a project that was in The Cross Stitcher Magazine back in 1994-1995 and is an afghan that uses all 390 (at that time) DMC colors. The first picture shows the entire afghan; the second shows the square I'm currently working on. It should be really awesome when completed (several more years from now).

So I would love to be able to finish this square by the end of the month. We'll see how it goes!