Monday, June 1, 2015

June Update

Well, I'm almost embarrassed to show you how much I didn't get done last month on the Viking ship. I was trying to work on it so diligently when time allowed, but with all the color changes and confetti, it just moves so slow - hard to see a lot of progress in one month. But here is the sad evidence. This is what it looked like at the beginning of the month:

And this is the status at the end of the month:

I was really hoping to get that left corner completed - got about half of it done. I may work on it occasionally this month, but I've deemed June to be a FUP month. So I'll be trying to finish putting together some completed projects and get them off my list.

Hope everyone else is being successful "getting it done"!


  1. I can see progress! Frequent colour changes can be so annoying at times.

  2. A little progress is better than none. At least you are "getting it done" :)

  3. I agree with Mary....every stitch is progress, and you are doing a lovely job!!