Thursday, September 17, 2015

Progress? Um....not so much...

Hi Everybody!!

I  know I've been bad at keeping up to date here.  I did finish one of the charts I hoped to this year...and I even got it framed for DH for our Anniversary last month!  He wanted to take it to work, but I was mean and said I wanted to look at it too!  LOL  Here's a peek...

I have been working on Aurora Cabin.  I must say this is more ambitious than I thought.  Most of it is half stitches, but when I get to the full cross stitches, it bogs me down.  Can you spell c-o-n-f-e-t-t-i stitches?  UGH!!  I changed my needle more than I can count.  Here is what it looked like before... is what I've done so far, with a few close up pics so you can see what I've been dealing with...

Silly me, I keep signing up for exchanges, then promised people I would stitch things for them, and then found a book to crochet flowers.  I think I have adult onset ADD...can anyone suggest a good counselor??  LOL!  Off to try and be productive.  Wish me luck!


  1. Aurora Cabin is really coming along. It's beautiful! I have been so bad with my stitching (or lack of stitching). But it's started to rain, so I think it's time for me to hunker down in front of the fireplace and get my needles in gear, finally!

  2. I like your little anniversary picture--very cute! Aurora Cabin is beautiful!

  3. The Aurora Cabin is beautiful and the kissing Eskimos are adorable !!!