Monday, July 6, 2015

All Will be will GET DONE!

Good....thanks for posting, DJ, I need some encouragement.......lovely though the giveaway is, I'm not going to enter usual......needing the said encouragement......I'm bending the rules!  A few days before the end of June I wrote out my goals for the coming month in the sweet notebook that Miss Frances gifted me they are.......

July Goals - one so far achieved!

The Drawn Thread
Calendar of Flowers?
(oh dear, I've forgotten!)
belonging to Frances

As to the rest, I've chosen the Gifted Gorgeousness choice AND will remember (fingers crossed) to post on the 15th........the chart was a gift from Miss Joyce (also of this blog, lol) in an FS Secret Santa exchange.
Cottage Garden Samplings
June's Honeysuckle
The cushion will be hemmed, I'll rescue the sampler from the basket of doom and decide on a Smalls SAL and pin myself down regarding the next Round Robin choice, and as they say in my country......Bob will be my mother's brother!
I'll be back........with Everything Accomplished - of course I will............

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  1. I'm sure you will accomplish everything, Gillie! Great stitching on Frances' RR, it looks great! Can't wait to see how you'll stitch the GCS pattern...that was one of my favorites from the batch. Did you manage to post on the 15th? It's hard I know, time is flying!