Monday, July 6, 2015

July Giveaway

I'm sorry I've been neglectful lately, but I think I've gone back now and commented on the posts I've missed.  I haven't given up on you guys, just had a busy few months.  Dorrie sure has gone to town on her pieces, let's give her a round of applause shall we?

Since we are having a Christmas in July exchange on Friendly  Stitcher's Yahoo Group, I thought this pattern would be a lovely giveaway for our group here.  I love how each one of these could be made into an ornament on it's own (and ALMOST chose one of these as my exchange piece but found something different).  So....I'm going to give this to the person who makes the most progress on their chosen project and at the end of the month, whoever has made the most progress (and there will be a vote by all the members of our group here) will get the pattern.  How does that sound?

Here is what you'll be trying for...

And here are the "rules".  Post a picture some time this week of the piece you've chosen as your progress piece.  During the last week of the month take another picture.  The first of August, post a comment on the piece you are voting for with only one word, VOTE.  (You can also post a different comment on the piece itself, but I will only be counting the word vote as a vote...gee I hope that makes sense...LOL!!)  Any questions, please ask.  And to all who choose to participate...GOOD LUCK!!

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  1. Thanks, DJ, I will join in for the encouragement, since I need it, lol, but won't enter the giveaway, which is lovely!