Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Update

Where is everybody? Why is no one posting pictures of all their great finishes??  I feel so alone here all by myself.  LOL  Anyway, I worked on three projects in June. First I finished the last three ornaments from Victoria Sampler's "12 Days".  That would be ornaments #10, 11, and 12 (the bottom three in this picture. I'm really excited about getting these completed and off my FUPpy list. I think they turned out really cute and am looking forward to seeing them hanging on our holiday tree.

 Next, I worked on Victoria Sampler's "Gingerbread House" and started getting the various pieces put together. I got fabric glued to mat board for all the inside walls……

and got the underside of one half of the roof glued, including making the scissor pocket, bought some wool felt for the needle/pin keep and sewed that onto the underside of the other half of the roof. Next I need to glue the fabric to the mat board.

Finally, while waiting for the glue to dry (since my brick will only cover one or two pieces at a time), I managed to put a few more stitches in the Viking ship border.

So I think June turned out to be a pretty successful month. For July I'm going to continue working on the Gingerbread House and hopefully get it finished. How is everyone else doing?


  1. WOW, Dorrie!! Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back!! Your ornaments are just lovely! I picked up the pattern for these recently at a rummage sale and have been visualizing them...hoping to one day pick up needle and thread and work on them. Love the finishes!!! Your Gingerbread house looks AMAZING too! I'm really looking forward to seeing that finished (I'm sure you are too!) and you have made a lot of progress on your viking have been the most loyal to this group...well done!!

  2. Great progress Dorrie. I love the Viking ship.

  3. Um.....well, I am stalled at the words "great finishes" lol! Love the ornaments and fingers crossed for the finishing on the Gingerbread House!

  4. Mind boggled. How do you do this??!!! Tininess and details make me crazy! :) You have such talent!