Saturday, August 15, 2015

Aurora Cabin...

Hi Getitdoners!

I haven't made much progress on Aurora Cabin.  Seems I signed up for an exchange, we had two new members of the family make an appearance and I made them both afghans, my anniversary popped up and we took a little trip.  You can see more on my blog if you care to take a peek.  But....I did make, here it is!

Gee, since we are more than halfway through the year, and I'm less than halfway through this pattern, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll make it.  How are the rest of you guys doing?  I don't know about you, but right about now I'm feeling a little discouraged.  *sigh* 


  1. Well you are a lot further on than I am, it's looking great! Stitching has taken a bit of a back seat for me in the last few months but been plodding away but only my HAEDs at present are calling to me

  2. Thats great progress!! Just love the rees and sky in this one

    well done Team Leader!!