Saturday, August 1, 2015

Julie's July achievements

Well, I was trying and trying to finish this. As you can see its "nearly done"

I will be sorry to see the last of this, but I have three other LongDogs to do, Moulin Rouge, Renaissance, and Opus II. So plenty to go on with.

It's been a lovely stitch, rather nice to do a single colour for a change!!

Meanwhile I have done some other over one stitching. Its using Gentle arts threads (quaker colours)
and is rather nice so far.


  1. Oh, I love your redwork project, Julie. It is absolutely beautiful. Not sure I could do a project that only uses one color. I would definitely have to take some breaks and do something with more variety every so often. But you've done a fabulous job! And I really like the Gentle Arts project. Love the colors in that.

  2. Thanks to you both. Yes Dorrie, I switch around with projects, that's my problem, I have so many that its not often I have a happy dance and finish anything!!!!! Yes, the GAST threads aren't the colours I would have picked, but I do love them too, it really livens up when the variegated red is stitched, thats why I'm doing the greens and blues first. Sort of the jam on the cake incentive!!

  3. Oh Julie! I love Quaker samplers, this one is just superb! I know you'll miss working on it, but I can't wait to see it finished, it's gorgeous! The other project is beautiful too...I love the colors! What pattern is that? It looks so delicate!! You've really made a lot of progress!