Sunday, February 15, 2015

Better late than never!!!

This is a very late update I know but better late than never. I have changed one of the two projects as I was getting very behind with it trying to solve light box problems and then being inspired to use my IPad. Anyway, this is me so far.

One of the original pieces.

And the new piece.


  1. That poppy is going to be stunning.....a cushion for your sofa?

  2. No, it was meant to be a framed Christmas present for a friend in Wales but didn't get done. Hopefully this christmas but have a feeling I might have to keep it!!!x

  3. I love the reds in that poppy!! No worries about changing your projects, but I was wondering what the first one is going to be? Inquiring minds want to know! LOL Lovely stitching!!