Sunday, February 15, 2015

Look what the wind blew in....

Hi Everybody!!

I hope you are having a good weekend!  Mine has been interesting to say the least!  LOL  With snow and windy conditions, I've been hunkered down today and hoping my husband can get out soon, he's got cabin fever really bad!  I offered to teach him a hobby, cross stitching, so he could occupy himself, but he politely declined...silly man!!

Anyway...on with the show!  I've made a little progress on both of my "Get it Done" projects!  I think this may be all I get done this month, but at least it's a step in the right direction!

Here is my Bent Creek Red Thread, I am now at the halfway point!  Whoooeeee!!

And here is my progress on Aurora Cabin, a Dimensions Kit.

I'm thinking I will finish up the Bent Creek project sooner than expected, then hopefully I can devote more time to Aurora Cabin.  

And that is my update on my project so far.  I'm so excited to see how much progress so many of you have made!  I'm sorry I haven't commented on everyone's posts (I hope to get back to doing that again very soon...we all need encouragement don't we?)  I've been incredibly busy lately getting ready for surgery at the end of this month.  I've also had a few new projects thrown into the mix...hopefully I'll be back with a vengeance once I get things sorted out...and then maybe we'll have another give away.  Here's my little cheer to keep you guys on track!  Rah Rah!!  Goooooooo stitchers!!

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