Friday, February 6, 2015

Slug Report

Everyone is just flying along and I have been avoiding my GID project..... apparently like the plague.  It hasn't come to the point that I have chosen to do something silly like dust or sort socks rather than stitch on the flag, but it may come to that.

Since my last update I think I've added a couple stars and I started Connecticut.   As of last week I had made it part way through that second "N" --

It sat there languishing until last night when I forced myself to spend some time (not much mind you) getting to here--

It was actually farther along in the "T" but someone got off a thread...... don't know who that could have been.

And, just for the sake of argument, here is the star field.

I fervently pray that flag-stitching-excitement overcomes me this weekend and I make GREAT progress.


  1. LOL love the title of your made me giggle. I'm the sluggish one now!! I think you've done quite a bit....I also have this languishing in my stash pile...oh looking at all these lovely designs makes me want to dig out my WIPs and get caught up!!