Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A small finish on May's AOH but that was it.....!

Did she, didn't she.....?  Nope, didn't quite meet the goal of finishing all three but May IS a finish so will "earn" me stash money in April's SFS!

Next month......which here in the Eastern time zone begins in just over 39 minutes.......I need to make weekly goals....save me stitching like a demented woman for the last few days of the month....!

A lovely giveaway, DJ, but please don't enter me.......I have so much stashed away that loudly cry to be stitched!  Good luck to everyone!


  1. Very nice job, Gillie. Even though you may not have met your goal, you're still trudging forward.

  2. How nice that you finished in time so you could "rack up" more stash money! It's beautiful, Gillie! I have all those in my stash, I really need to pull that out one day...