Sunday, March 29, 2015

Julie's progress on The Token and Dragonfly

Well it's late Sunday night, so time to post my updates.  I've been working on the bottom right medallion for the Token:

Sorry got a bit creased in my scanner. This is the lowest part of the pattern so I am NEARLY there!!

Having fun also with the Dragonfly as you can see, its nearly all done except for the antenna and legs in Whisper and then the beading, will really come alive then!!

That's all for now!!


  1. Oh, Julie. How pretty both of your projects are! I really like The Token but I'm sure it must get tiring working all that red. And the dragonfly is going to be stunning when completed.

  2. No not getting tired at all, in fact it's rather nice to pick it up and not have to worry about which symbols are which for different colours!!!! Very soothing to stitch!
    I have 3 more LongDogs to make so must hurry up. Just finished the right hand medallion and going well on the medallion next to it, so not long to go

  3. Two lovely projects. Yes, I agree with you, the beads will make the dragonfly come 'alive'.

  4. Very nice stitching, Julie! I especially love the quaker piece! I hope you are feeling better soon!