Sunday, March 1, 2015

February/March Update

Well, February went by fast, didn't it? With it being only 28 days long, I feel like I got shorted out of working on this project for an entire month. For February, I was working on Victoria Sampler's "Count Your Blessings". This is where I was at the beginning of the month:

And this is how far along I got by the end of the month. Think I made pretty good progress, and I really enjoyed working on this project. It is so delicate and "girly". Just makes me feel good. I think it is really a beautiful piece.

But now that a new month is here, it is time to put this project away and pull out the one next in line. For March, I'm going to be working on a different Victoria Sampler piece called "Happy Hearts". I don't feel like this one is as "girly", but I love the pastel colors Thea has used. Here is what it looks like currently - we'll see how far along I get by the end of March. I'm hoping I can get the last two panels done. Wish me luck!


  1. Great progress, love them both! Mm, February did rather disappear, didn't it?

  2. Oh I like these, so delicate x

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  4. What lovely projects you have going there, Dorrie!! Can't wait to see more. (Sorry for the deleted comment before, brain cramp! LOL)