Monday, March 23, 2015

March update

Well lets so what I have been up to.. I'll admit not much on my two Get it Done pieces as I was finishing off a present so was concentrating on that which thankfully is all nicely finished and framed and ready to take down to Wales with us when we are attending a family wedding.

So for my chatelaine, I have another house finished so am now on to the last two - the end of Part 5 is in sight

As for my Derwentwater design I got it back out last week and got a few more stitches in so happy with that


  1. It's looking mighty fine, Maureen!! What a lovely pattern! So glad you were able to finish your gift in time...enjoy the wedding!

  2. They are both coming along nicely, Maureen.

  3. Ahh, I've always wanted to start a Chateleine, but it's so hard to choose, well done on your progress!!