Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Goals

My stitching goals for this year are really simple. I have 4 HAED's that I am stitching for my kids and my son in law. I have them in a rotation and hope to get a lot done on them this year. I know I won't finish them but I will make progress on them. The rotation is:

January----The Universe in a Jar---for Jessica
February---Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate---for Sabrina
March--- Medieval Shelf---for JR
April---Play Ball---for Matthew
May---The Universe in a Jar
June---Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate
July--- Medieval Shelf
August---Play Ball
September---The Universe in a Jar
October---Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate
November---Medieval Shelf
December---Play Ball

This was my starting point on Jan 1 on Universe in a Jar.



  1. BIG projects there Cindy - good luck and looking forward to seeing your progress

  2. Just the 4 haeds in a rotation lol! Go for it x

  3. Oh my, I know you can do it.....!

  4. Wow...very ambitious!! But I like how you've split them up by months, maybe I should do that with a few of my WIP's. That way you don't get burned out on the biggies. *goes away muttering how to set that up*