Friday, January 2, 2015

NYD Start & Possible Goals - Kate

Hi All

I struggled to decide what I would make my New Year's Day new start ~ mostly because a good proportion of my stash was stored away while we were having work done in the house and it has yet to reappear in places that I can easily fondle.

Looking through the limited stash that I could access I had to go with Summer House Pin Cushion from Blackbird Designs ~ I had a working copy of the design, the required fabric & threads all together in one folder ~ no brainer!

Not a great deal of progress was made by the time I chose this and to be honest I'm not sure if I'll stick with it as the fabric is very harsh!
This was originally kitted up to be done as a SAL with a good friend of mine ~ Stuff got in the way for me, like planning a wedding ~ Carol finished hers quite some time ago.

As far as my goals are concerned for 2015 they will be fairly fluid ~ I don't want to restrict myself too much.  However, I would like to:

  • Stick to my Stitch from Stash budget again this year
  • Finish a good number of Christmas ornaments 
  • Finish some WIPs/UFOs
  • Try & complete OPAM ~ One Project A Month
  • RAK a few people
but mostly to enjoy my stitching ~ simple.

Happy New Year All



  1. Oh I just hate it when a thread or fabric interferes with my stitching enjoyment. Frogging is one thing, but annoying supplies are another. Hope the linen magically fixes itself overnight.

    Good luck on your goals-- I like your logic.

  2. I love the goals you've chosen...but mostly that you want to "enjoy stitching". That really is what it's all about! It will be fun watching your progress!