Friday, January 16, 2015

Progress! is everyone doing so far?  I'm lagging on Aurora Cabin....and I decided six strands was WAY too many!!  So....I'm going to start using only four for other colors and see how that goes.  It was wearing my fingers out...haha.  I think it looks ok.  The lighter blue is only four strands.

I'm also a little ahead of schedule on The Red Thread.  I hoped to finish two squares a month, and already I have four I will set this one aside and work a little more on the other.  I always seem to do well at the beginning of a challenge, trust me I'm going to need your encouragement when I reach the middle of the year...

Lastly, I'm hoping I can stitch two Christmas/winter themed pieces each month.  I was able to stitch this one today.  It's called A Little Christmas by Lizzie Kate.  I have another one kitted up, so watch this space!  haha

Keep your eyes on this space...I'm already looking into holding a giveaway!  We are going to have a fun year!


  1. You've got off to a good start, DJ, no matter what happens by the middle of the year :)