Saturday, January 3, 2015

I am really excited about joining this SAL. It is definitely an incentive to at least work on several WIPs that I've literally had going for years... It is rather embarrassing that one of my projects has been in the works since 2000, but with any luck it will be completed in 2015! There are three projects I have to complete for this SAL, and it would be nice to finish them all by this Christmas.

1.) The oldest one is a Dimensions kit called Silent Vigil by Schim Schimmel.  
2.) The second one is a Gold Collection kit called Beguiling Tiger,  designed by Tracy Somerville. It is also produced by Dimensions. 
3.) The newest one was a gift from our own Sally Savaglios, it is a cross stitched box kit by the Nutmeg Company called Blue Willow Bridge by Meg Everished. I got this last year, and like the other two I can't wait to finish it.

 I don't have photos of them yet, as I haven't figured out the particulars of downloading the drivers onto this computer for my camera. As soon as I get them though, I will post photos. I have to post the pictures of my Christmas exchange ornament, too, so this is another incentive to get done...

Happy New Year everyone, here goes!


  1. I am wondering which SAL you are talking about? I joined my first SAL this year, and I too, am using it to work on some WIPs. I would love to keep in touch and see your progress.

    My blog is at
    If your computer is at all new, seems you would just have to plug in your camera, and the computer will find the drivers for you. Mine isn't a new one, and I've had no trouble with cameras.

  2. This is a test to see if I can comment to another posting.

  3. I'm so glad you are excited about this SAL. This is what we're here for, to encourage one another. I can't wait to see pictures... the names are intriguing!

  4. Me, too! I am very excited about doing anything creative, and this will keep me motivated.